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As many Iranians left their homeland, Iranian immigration to Europe increased from the 1980s onward. The majority of Iranian immigrants try to settle down in the USA, or Europe. Most European nations today have sizeable immigrant populations, many of non-European origin, such as Iran. In the European Union, as the EU citizenship implies freedom of movement and residence within the EU itself, the term "immigrant" is mostly used to refer to extra communitarian (i.e. non-EU) citizens.

As a group, Iranians in the US and Europe are considered one of the most successful ones. For example, there is hardly a major hospital in Europe, or in the USA, where you won’t find an Iranian physician. Iranian owned businesses have grown in Europe, over the years, as they enjoy the support of the community, both Iranian and non-Iranians. Iranian professionals are considered highly respected by their peers, at various fields.

One could be looking for a Persian restaurant in London, an Iranian travel agency in Spain, an Iranian doctor in Belgium, a Persian bakery in Sweden, an Iranian dentist in Germany, or a Persian supermarket in Holland, or a lawyer sympathetic towards Iranians in France; the goal of this site is to be a guide, for consumers of any nationalities to find Iranian professionals, as well as Iranian-owned services and merchandise, as simple and as quick, as possible.

If you have a service or product that you’d like to offer to the visitors of this site, contact us. We’ll be glad to hear from you.

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